The winter of storms have radically altered the beach at Pagham, as many reports in local papers testify. We at the yacht club have watched as large areas of beach have been lost. However we are now into a new summer season of Sailing, Fishing and Kayaking as never before. Determination has won through and we are now embarked on our full calendar.


Sailing from March to October with weekly Sunday races, fortnightly Wednesday evening races, youth practice nights on Fridays and leisure sailing for anyone




About us


Fishing is organised for year round competition from beach members' boats and professional charter trips. Our Social calendar is full of exciting events for members and their guests and we look forward to this season being as successful as the fifty one that have gone before.


All members are free to take part in any of our activities, all events are organised by the members for the members as we do everything for ourselves. The whole effect is to give members a convivial place to spend their leisure time. Visitors are always welcome - In winter it is warm inside and in summer the beach is the best place to have a cool drink on a warm sunny afternoon - you never know you may find you want to join us!


If you would like to join us, please click on the button to download a form